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Massage Therapy

Do you like getting massages?


Do you like working out, but sometimes get aches and pains?


Do you feel like your recovery program needs something else?


Adam Clark Fitness is excited to offer massage therapy to help with your work out the soreness, everyday aches and pains, or acute problems that occur from sleeping wrong or overuse. Massage can help with muscle tension, improve circulation, assist in removing lactic acid, and just feels great!


Every session is customized to you and your needs. Choose from a 30-minute specialized session to focus on that problem spot, a 60 or 90-minute session that can be all-encompassing or focus on chronic concerns, to a 120 minute to get full-body relaxation while still addressing any concerns. Let us help you feel better and move better, by clicking the "Book an Appointment" button below. We are here to help!

Got questions? We have answers. Just shoot us an e-mail and we will be in touch!

Looking for a way to bring some stress relief and relaxation to your workplace? We do chair massage and would love to chat with you. You can click here for more information on our Corporate Wellness offering or send us an e-mail.



Believe in Massage Therapy

87% of people believe massage therapy is effective in reducing pain.


Alternative Pain Killer

35% consider massage therapy as an alternative to using pain relievers.


Encouraged By Doctors

29% of people have been encouraged by their doctors to receive a massage.


Beneficial to Health & Wellness

86% of people say massage therapy is beneficial to their health and wellness.

Why Massage Therapy is Important


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