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How Everyone can be a Positive Leader

If you’ve read anything from me, you know how big of a fan of Jon Gordon I am. He is a mentor, someone I look up to and someone who if you aren’t following, you should!

His book, "The Power of Positive Leadership," is one of his many best sellers and it's something EVERYONE should read.

Everyone is a leader. Whether you own a business, are part of a team, have a bunch of Facebook friends, are a parent, you are a leader.

Whether you lead one person or 1,000 people, leading in a positive way is important.

My three big takeaways from this book are:

Positive Leaders Drive Positive Cultures

Have you ever been part of a toxic culture? A team filled with energy vampires, teammates that don’t get along and a big disconnect between upper management and workers. That is not a positive culture.

If you want to be a positive leader, take inventory on how the culture is in your kingdom. By driving a positive culture, people want to be around you, they want to be on your team, they push each other forward and make eachother better.

Positive Leaders Pursue Excellence

Perfection isn’t attainable, BUT excellence is a standard that everyone should strive for. It starts with the little things. Making sure something is turned in on time, making sure the bathroom is clean, making sure you follow up in a timely manner, making sure the little things are done correctly.

If you don’t do the little things with a standard of excellence, how can you expect to do the big things or expect others to do the big things on your team?

If you want to be a positive leader, lead by example by pursuing growth, improvement and living by a higher standard.

Positive Leaders Lead with Optimism, Positivity and Belief

If you lead with optimism, positivity and belief, people will follow you. That doesn’t mean you can’t be "real" with people and identify problems. Those are things that you must do as a leader.

However, are you excited for the future? Are you lifting your team up? Do you believe in the mission of your team and the ability of your team?

If you don’t, you aren’t a positive leader.

Which trait of a positive leader do you resonate with most?

P.S. I am going to be attending the Power of Positive Leadership Training at the end of September and can’t wait! Expect plenty of nuggets from that training!

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