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How to make this summer an ACTIVE one!

It’s summertime!

Hard to believe but summer is here and time to make the most of it.

Today, I want to give you some advice about summer exercising.

If we could make it happen, I’d love to have everyone work out with us 4-5 times per week. I know that’s not realistic though.

You want to be outside more and you are traveling a bit more. That leaves less time for inside the gym.

So, here are five great workout ideas for the summer:

  1. Hike - Did you know that Maine has an endless amount of trails? You could pick a new place to hike every single day for all of the summer. Get outside, enjoy nature, and explore Maine. Here are some trails in the Bangor area to check out!

  2. Running and Biking - Another way to get out and burn some calories! While road races might not be back to full steam yet, that shouldn’t stop you. If you want to do a running and/or biking challenge, let me know and we can organize one!

  3. Swimming - Maine summers don’t last long so get in the water while you can. Lake, pool, ocean!

  4. Golf - This may not seem like a ton of physical exercise but swing a golf club 100 times in a round and walk the course and you have burned some calories. I’d love to do a golf outing for ACF this summer! Interested?

  5. Bodyweight Exercise - These exercises can be performed anywhere. Cardio is great but for a well-rounded exercise program, you need strength, core, cardio flexibility, and more. Check out these quick circuits:

  6. Push-Up/Squat Ladder Workout

  7. The Plank Expo Workout

  8. Cardio Peak Workout

  9. Lower Body Interval Workout

  10. Bodyweight Basics Workout

  11. Bodyweight Intervals Workout

  12. Metabolic Bodyweight Workout

  13. Mobility Flow Workout

  14. Core N’ More Workout

What are some of your favorite summer exercise methods?

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