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It’s HOT!

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re staying cool today as the temperatures yesterday and today are near record highs.

I am in New York City attending a two-day workshop on team building. Today is day two of the workshop and I’m learning a lot and am excited to have a better plan of action going forward.

I am also excited to leave the city tonight as the temperatures are comparable to being in an oven I assume. HOT!

Today, I wanted to go back a few months into what I wrote. It seems pretty fitting with the temperature that we go back to this topic but it’s something that really resonated with me recently as I did some reflection.

You may or may not have heard of a guy named Jim Kwik. 

He is a global keynote speaker and brain coach. He has a celebrity list that he works with to improve their memory and optimize their brain function. He also has a worldwide company helping the everyday person as well as the #1 training podcast on iTunes. 

Fascinating guy. 

However, it wasn’t always this way. He struggled to learn when he was growing up. He suffered a head injury as a kid, had memory problems and was bullied in school. He also had the belief that there is a cap on learning. This is what we call a fixed mindset.

Now he trains some of the top leaders in the world how to learn more quickly, effectively and deeply. 

So how did he overcome all of these problems?

He was on one of my favorite podcasts recently, yes, he has an amazing story. I learned a lot. There was a TON of great information on the podcast.

One thing that stood out the most was him talking about being the thermostat and not the thermometer.

You control your thoughts and are in charge of your brain. There is no way around that. 

As the thermostat, you set the temperature. You are proactive. You control your environment and own your day. You set the conditions and control the thoughts in your head and the things that happen in your life.

As the thermometer, you are reactive. The environment controls you and you are always playing catch up. You are going through life on conditions that aren’t your own. 

Can anyone relate to the thermometer?

There are always times when things are out of our control and you must react.

However, when you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you do? 

I’m guessing you reach for your phone.

Instantly, you go into a reactive mode as you are answering text messages, phone calls, e-mails and not taking control of your day. 

By doing this, Kwik says we are training our brain to be reactive.

Can anyone relate?

I know I can.

When you wake up, it’s important to set the tone. 

Have breakfast, stretch, exercise, get your first task of the day completed. 

Do you place blame on others for your problems? 

I don’t have enough time to work on my health. 

Do a time audit and track your time for a day. You will find the time.

I am stuck in my job.

You are never stuck. If you are unhappy, do something about it. Search for a new job or learn a new skillset. Guess what though? It doesn’t happen overnight.

The only person holding you back is the one in the mirror.

We all play victim from time to time and life doesn’t go our way all of the time.

However, if you continue hoping for success, staying in that negative mindset and playing the victim role, you won’t get anywhere.

Start taking control.

This week many of you did measurements, weights, and check-ins. For some, it wasn’t what you wanted to see. 

There are more ways to win than just measurements and weights.

Are you stronger? 

Are you more energetic?

How’s your blood pressure?

Is your eating under control?

Those are great examples.

Where can you get better if the results aren’t what you wanted to see?

Are you the thermostat or thermometer?

What does your morning routine look like?

How can you better your nutrition?

Are you proactive or reactive?

What can you do to improve and get better results?

Reflect, answer these questions and start being the thermostat and setting the temperature in your life.

I have faith in you.

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