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My book is two years old!

About two years ago, I released my first book, “Play Like A Champion Every Day: Your Guide To Being Your Best You.”

Truth be told, it didn’t take that long to write. A few months of writing and then the editing and publishing process. It all came together in a little over six months from the start of writing to publishing it.

If there is one thing that publishing a book taught me and continues to teach me is consistency is the key to results AND it’s the hardest thing to do.

We all know what we need to do.

We all know what it takes to accomplish our goals.

But why do we fail over 90% of the time?

Because it’s hard.

Results happen when you are consistent with your actions. And those consistent actions add up over time and compound into big results.

No, it doesn’t happen overnight. Nothing does.

If I had worried about the end goal when writing a book, I would’ve possibly given up.

Instead, I made it an almost daily practice to do some sort of writing or editing. Even if it was just for 15-20 minutes, by doing this and doing it consistently, those pages add up, those ideas became words, words became sentences, sentences became pages and voila!

What about being healthier?

Doing a cleanse doesn’t do anything.

Eating healthy consistently does though.

What about training for a long run?

Running consistently and building your mileage works.

What about finishing a project at work?

Chances are it doesn’t happen in a day. You break it down step-by-step, goal-by-goal, task-by-task, and are consistent with it.

If consistency was easy, everyone would do it.

It can be boring, it can be lonely, it can be hard but it is SURE AS HECK WORTH IT.

Where can you be more consistent? Pick ONE AREA and let me know!

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