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Recovery and Massage Therapy is now at ACF!

Good morning!

Today, let’s talk about recovery.

It’s over a month into the year and hopefully you’ve been crushing your fitness.

When you go full throttle though, you need time to recover.

At Adam Clark Fitness, we take recovery seriously and that’s why we hired a Massage Therapist. That’s why we believe in foam rolling, massage guns, warming up and the list goes on.

Think of it this way - you get regular oil changes and maintenance on your car, right? Why not do the same with your body?

Here are four top recovery tips to keep you humming along:

Massage Therapy

I’m not just saying this because we have the best Massage Therapist, Bridget Deckers, but there is nothing like manual therapy.

Got a knot, need to be stretched out? It’s hard to do it all yourself and why not go to a professional who really knows how to work their hands.

Not only does massage therapy work out kinks, help with muscle aches and pains, but it’s relaxing and a super important way to keep your body in tune.

Want to schedule a session? You can do this right at this link. We’ve even created a video for you to walk you through the process.


Dynamic stretching, static stretching, PNF stretching. Don’t get overwhelmed by it all or which one is best.

Just stretch.

Taking five minutes a few times per day to stretch out is perfect for the body and mind.

A general rule of thumb is to not stretch it too far where you are in pain. Instead ease up right before that and take a deep breath.

What are some of your favorite stretches?


If you aren’t drinking enough water, time to make it a priority.

Not only is it great for your muscles, but all those headaches you are prone to? It can be due to not hydrating properly.

Your body is composed of up to 60% water.

Start drinking!


Walking is great not only because it’s metabolic and burns calories but it can get the blood flowing.

Got some soreness from a workout the previous day? Take a walk, move around. It helps!

Not only does walking help physically but mentally too, especially when done outside.

Have you ever regretted going for a walk in nature? That’s what I thought!

Get out there and walk!

What’s your favorite recovery technique from those four and do you have another one you’d add to the list? Look forward to hearing from you!

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