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Remember Kindness

It’s a historic year. It’s the year of the 59th United States presidential election and this takes place on Tuesday.

This year has been challenging for everyone. I’m not even going to start and list out the challenges because we’ve all had them and there is no point in complaining.

As we head into the presidential election on Tuesday, I urge you to not forget kindness no matter what the outcome is.

At Adam Clark Fitness, we are a community that supports one another. We’ve created something special and regardless of the outcome, we will continue to be a community who supports one another no matter what aisle you are on.

So, I urge you to think about the following:

  1. Friends and Family are Everything - Don’t be someone who loses friends or family over an election. These are people you are close to, that you enjoy spending time with and have created great memories with. The beauty of America is you can have differing views and still be friends. No matter what the news or social media says, it’s okay to disagree and still be close to your family and friends.

  2. Is your social media representative of your life? - Are you constantly arguing with others on social media? I see people arguing with complete strangers and spending so much time and energy on something that is completely useless. Look at your last month’s activity on Facebook and ask yourself, “Is this a true representation of me?”

  3. Life Goes On - No matter what the outcome is on Tuesday, life goes on. We will go to work on Wednesday. We will exercise on Wednesday. We will live our lives on Wednesday. All you can do is vote and hope for the best. After that, what can you control? You can control your life so do it.

  4. Smile - Did you know smiling makes you feel better? Try it. Scientific studies actually show that smiling triggers a chemical reaction that spurs happiness. So smile, be grateful and keep on keeping on.

Remember these things post-Tuesday. The more we can do these things, the better off we will be.

Have a great week!

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