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The Four-Step Process To DOMINATE Your Week

As we approach the middle of August and summer winds down, that means getting back into regular routine.

Maybe that means attacking your New Year’s Resolutions that you’ve put on hold or maybe it just means getting back on track.

To set goals, you must have a process.

I love setting big goals because if you aren’t challenging yourself and thinking big picture, you are limiting your potential.

To reach your big-time goals though, you must be able to break things down on a smaller level. That means the monthly, weekly and daily levels.

In Darren Hardy’s, “The Compound Effect,” the basic premise to be successful is to make small, smart choices consistently in your life and eventually this will compound into success. To reach the big goal, it does not happen overnight. There is no such thing as an overnight success. When the media labels the newest young star in acting or the Olympics, an overnight success, it just isn’t true. We didn’t see the blood, sweat, and tears they put into their practice. We just see the end result of them being at the top of their sport.

What if I told you there is one weekly ritual that can transform your life and keep you on task toward reaching your goals? I hope you’d say show me, show me. Well, here I am about to show you this simple practice that if performed every Sunday can help you stay on task and laser-focused toward reaching your goals and becoming the best version of yourself.

I learned this practice from who I consider the most impactful person on my career and his name is Todd Durkin. You will never meet someone with more passion, heart, and desire to help others and transform lives than this man. I met him at the TRX Summit in 2016 and honestly, if I hadn’t been at the event to witness his keynote, I would probably be a middling trainer without much of a direction just sort of going through the motions. His passion and intensity spoke to me and since then, I have joined his Mastermind group and it has been a life-changer.

Now, let’s get to the practice. It is simply a practice of reflection on the current week and a look at the next week and titled, “W.L.A.G.’s.” Let’s dive in.

W – WINS In life and in business, where did you win this week? Were your workouts and nutrition on point? Did you sleep well? Did you have a weekly date night? Connect with someone from your past and have a good conversation? Successful work week?

L – LOSSES It’s just as important to write down your losses as it is your wins. This allows for self-reflection on where you can improve. Maybe you didn’t hit the gym enough? What can you do to get better there? Very little family time this week? What can you cut out to get that back?

A – AHAS These are moments when the light bulb comes on. There will be fewer AHAs than wins or losses as these are the big movers. What happened this past week that made you say, “Eureka!”

G – GOALS Last, but certainly not least is writing down your goals. Far too often, we set big goals, but there are no action steps or regular accountability involved and it ends up falling short. If you do weekly reflection, this allows you to take those small steps toward reaching them.

Now, it’s time to take action. Every Sunday evening, plan out some time to sit down and reflect on the week and look ahead at making this next week the best one yet. It doesn’t have to be a Sunday, but carve out some time in your schedule to do this. This four-step practice takes little time. Think deep and remember, to reach your goals, you cannot do it in one day. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take small steps in the right direction, and this will compound into knocking out your big goals and becoming the best version of yourself.

I’d love to hear what your W.L.A.G.’s are for the week!

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