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The "No Complaining" Rule

If you’re reading my stuff regularly, you know I’m a huge fan of Jon Gordon.

Jon is a best-selling author and motivational speaker and has his own podcast called “Positive U.”

Jon is a leader, a mentor, and someone who lives and inspires others to live with energy and positivity.

I recently listened to his book, “The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work.” Most of Jon’s books are fables, shorter stories with a character in crisis who turns their lives around and becomes a better person.

This one is no different and I wanted to share with you a few lessons and how to implement them into your own life.

The “But” Rule

We all complain. We all have problems. BUT you can switch your language around and turn it into a positive. Instead of your complaint, add a “But” to it with a positive thought or action.

I am bummed I didn’t get in all my workouts, but I did walk outside for 30 minutes each day.

I wish my co-worker had done a better job during the presentation, but it was their first one and a great opportunity for us to work together more next time.

It’s a simple language switch and it goes a long way.

“Get to” instead of “Have to”

We are all stressed at times. 2020 was a stressful year but that’s in the past and you hold the keys to the future. Oftentimes, we say we “have to” do something and that brings negativity. Sure, you do have to do those things but try this language change: use “get to” instead of “have to.” This places more focus on gratitude instead of emphasizing something negative.

I have to go to work today and do a presentation.

I get to go to work today and work on my presentation skills in a company-wide meeting.

I have to work out tonight.

I get to go to the gym today and work on my physical health with my friends.

What do you “get to” do?

Seek Opportunities

Complaints happen. We all have problems and getting rid of all complaining isn’t going to happen. However, by changing your language and creating a more positive outlook, you can get rid of that mindless complaining (ever had that coworker that complains non-stop?).

By complaining non-stop in a mindless fashion, that promotes negativity and just focuses on the problems.

By changing your language, you start focusing on opportunities and solutions to get better.

Name one way you are going to implement the “No Complaining Rule.” I’d love to hear it!

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