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Thoughts and Lessons from Pounding the Pavement

Are you a runner?

If not, that’s okay but today I wanted to share with you some lessons and things that go through my head when running.

Running is one of those weird things. A lot of times you don’t want to do it but once you’ve done it and you’re finished you feel better than ever!


Scientifically, you get that “runner’s high,” or that burst of positive endorphins, the happy hormone, dopamine, flowing through your system.

But on another level, running is so much more and after running in last weekend’s Maine Half-Marathon in Portland with a bunch of the ACF crew, here are some things you can take away from running and apply to your life:

  1. Physical exercise is a must. Whether you run or not, physical exercise and movement needs to be part of your day. Don’t have time? BS. Do something. Just move and you will feel better.

  2. Running is when you get your best thoughts. There is something about being outside, in nature, moving and away from devices, technology and everyday life. With the endorphins flowing through your system and stepping away from “life,” it allows your mind to think freely.

  3. Running tests you mentally. Obviously running is a physical test but there are mental tests too. While your best thoughts may come running, you will also run into roadblocks. Your mind wants to quit and is telling you you’re hurting so it’s okay to stop. You can either give in or keep going. A hint is to take it one light pole at a time. Work on getting to the next object as opposed to finishing the entire run.

  4. Running is the ultimate accomplishment. Is there anything more satisfying than pushing your limits and doing something you didn’t think was necessarily possible? Whether you run a mile, 5 miles or a marathon, every time you finish is an accomplishment. Be proud of what you’ve done and celebrate it.

Are you a runner? If so, what resonates most with you?

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