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Time for Some Mellow Yellow (not the soda!)

As I send this out, I am currently finishing my honeymoon down on the sandy beaches of the Caribbean island of Antigua.

Today, I want to talk about mellow yellow time! And no, not the soda!

What is mellow yellow time?

It’s a time for relaxation.

You’re probably thinking, well why are you writing this e-mail from your honeymoon? It’s pre-written and scheduled so don’t worry! ;-)

You’re halfway through this year and it’s probably been somewhat of a grind. We are hopefully nearing the end of the pandemic and are able to do things like normal again.

Along the way, there have been challenges though. You’ve been working hard in your personal and professional life.

It’s now time to breathe.

So today, I ask you to schedule some mellow yellow time for the third quarter (July-September).

It could be a weekend away, it could be a week-long vacation, it could be a day drive to the coast, it could literally be anything that gets you in that relaxed state and away from work and life.

If you say “I’ll do it but I can’t schedule it now,” you won’t do it at all.

Put it on the calendar because what is scheduled will happen. If not, we leave it up to chance and that doesn’t work out too well.

Schedule some mellow yellow time and I look forward to hearing how you’re going to spend it!

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