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What I Learned from Running 30 Days in a Row

Last week, I talked about making a one-degree shift in your life and how that can make a major difference. Sometimes we just need to recalibrate a little. We are over halfway through the year so it’s the perfect time to do some reflection. A one-degree shift can put you back on track toward achieving your goals. For me, when I did my reflection a month ago, it was clear my fitness was lacking a little bit. I’m an active guy and am always on my feet moving around. However, I wasn’t taking time for dedicated workouts. I was doing just short ones here and there. Listen, that’s okay some days but I just wasn’t making time for it. I like challenges so I challenged myself. I challenged myself to run a 5K every single day for 30 days. This would force me to exercise, get out of the gym, and enjoy the outdoors a little! Here are three things I learned from my 30-day challenge:

  1. Schedule it if it’s important – If it’s important, you prioritize. For me, it all came down to scheduling my workout. I needed about a 45-minute block to run and shower so I scheduled it in. I don’t know about you but if you don’t schedule it, it probably won’t get done. If it’s important, start being intentional and putting it in your calendar. Whether that is a workout, date night, meal prep or even a time to read, schedule it! If you do, it will get done.

  2. Your environment is everything – If I was going to make running a priority, I needed to pack my gym bag with sneakers, shorts, athletic shirt, my activity tracker and a protein shake. Every night, I packed my bag with those exact things. Much like you schedule what’s important, it’s also important to set up your environment for success. If you want to lose weight, it will require some nutrition overhaul so you must control your environment. You can do that by getting rid of the junk food in the house and packing a lunch each day. If you don’t do that, you will most likely succumb to the pressures of your environment. If you want to read a book, you need some peace and quiet. You probably aren’t going to go to a busy place with a lot of noise to read. Instead, you may have a quiet, comfortable spot in your house where you go. If you control your environment, you will succeed.

  3. Challenge yourself more – You don’t get anywhere living in the comfort zone, or as I like to call the complacency zone. If you want results, challenge yourself and embrace it. For me, a challenge is a test that gives me a spike in motivation and pushes me outside my comfort zone. With challenges, I grow. I am able to push further than I thought. What are some things you need to challenge yourself more on?

Over the span of these 30 days, I will let you know that I did miss one day. It was the day that I took a redeye flight back from California and I was completely exhausted. However, I did tack on a day where I did a 10K. I now issue a challenge for you. What is one thing you can challenge yourself to do every day for 30 days? Think deep and start taking action. I look forward to hearing some of your challenges!

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