What’s on your summer reading list?


Up until about 5 or so years ago, I was pretty “meh” on reading.

Then a shift occurred. I started to take ownership of my life, I joined a Mastermind group and one common theme was everyone was a reader.


Because reading is learning and to grow, you must learn.

So I became a reader and I’ve never looked back.

During the summer, I get a little extra reading time in because nothing better than being on the boat or on the beach at camp and reading with a coffee (or cold beverage in hand!).

Here is what my summer reading favorites are so far:

  1. Row the Boat by Jon Gordon

  2. How to Influence People by John Maxwell

  3. Relationship Grit by Jon Gordon

  4. The Power of Positive Leadership by Jon Gordon (see a theme here!)

  5. The Art of Business Wars by David Brown

What’s on your summer reading list? I’d love to hear it! Follow me on Goodreads if you’re on there!