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Small Group Training

Do you like working out with others?


Do you need some accountability in your life?


Do you want to be challenged?


Our small group training is the perfect fit for you then. Our small group sessions are for those who want to challenge themselves in a safe, fun, team environment. 


Capped at 12 participants, these high-energy sessions will use a variety of equipment including kettlebells, dumbbells, suspension trainers, sleds, battling ropes, resistance bands, medicine balls, and much more. 


We cap the sessions at 12 participants because we want to give you the best possible training environment to succeed in. You will get the specialized attention of personal training while still having the camaraderie of being with others in a group setting.


Each session is a full-body workout that will leave you feeling energized when you leave!


Our small group training sessions are all 50 minutes long unless otherwise noted.

Want to try out a FREE Small Group Training Session to see what it’s all about? Click “Let’s Get Started” and fill out the form and we can set you up! Have questions about our sessions? We offer over 20 small group sessions a week and you can check out our updated schedule here!

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Great Support

Every session is full of energy and you will be supported by the trainer and your workout mates.

Flexible Schedule

Time is ranked as the number one reason people can’t reach their health-related goals. We make it easy for you as we offer sessions at various times throughout the week. Early morning, mid-morning, afternoon, and evenings Monday through Saturday. We have you covered. No longer is time an excuse and it’s simple to schedule your sessions using an easy-to-use app.

Lots of Fun

Yes, working out can be fun! We are going to challenge you but we are also going to make things fun. After all, if you are dreading working out every session, you won’t last long. We laugh, we sweat and we do it together!

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