Success Stories

Taunya Cook Candage

I was stuck in a day-to-day cycle of poor eating habits and I was tired all of the time. Adam Clark Fitness changed me. It changed my whole life. Adam Clark Fitness gave me the principles I needed to achieve my goals with health, nutrition, mindset, and exercise. 


Holly Gunn

By coming to Adam Clark Fitness, I have found my mindset refocused. I am committed to coming to class. It's fun to come to class. Everyone is amazingly supportive and wonderful. I've regained the confidence and energy that I forgot that I ever had.


Becky Bubar

My biggest struggle was finding a trainer and a gym that I felt like I belonged. Sometimes I would walk into a place, I knew it wasn't me. The minute I walked in these doors and met Adam, I was like this is home. 


Carolyn Gudroe

Adam Clark Fitness helped me be me. It brought me back to being the competitor that I am. It brought me back to being part of a team and being pushed.

Shannon Levesque

I wasn't doing anything. I'd wake up every morning feeling frustrated that I didn't keep that promise to myself. I was tired of not being honest with myself that I needed help. Adam Clark Fitness helped me change. Most importantly, you don't do it alone. Adam's there, the group's there, Facebook, the support. It's great. I don't know what I'd do otherwise. 

These are just a few of the many success stories we’ve had at Adam Clark Fitness. In fact, our success stories are on the wall right as you walk into Adam Clark Fitness and this is called

“The 1% Better Every Day Club.”


Get 1% Better Every Day is one of our core values that we live by at Adam Clark Fitness and all of our success stories live this. They strive for continual improvement and over time, that leads to big long-term results.


We are going to need a bigger wall here soon to fit our growing list of members.


Want to be part of the club? We know you have it in you! Contact us today to get started!