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Be a Coffee Bean!

Today, I have a simple story that can change your life and others around you.

I had the privilege of listening to a guy named Damon West a few months back.

He was a former Division 1 starting quarterback turned stockbroker turned drug addict turned prisoner turned author and keynote speaker.

He has the ultimate redemption story and is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever heard speak.

Damon West is a coffee bean and that’s how he got out of prison and how he’s inspiring people all over the world.

He wrote a book called “The Coffee Bean” with best-selling author Jon Gordon and it teaches a simple lesson.

We are surrounded a lot by negativity. Whether that’s in the news, social media, or just your co-worker or friend being a negative person.

Usually, these people always complain about their circumstances and allow their situation to suck them in and take control of their lives.

In the book, West uses a short inspirational tale to show his message.

You have three choices in life and they can be described like this:

You have three pots of boiling water.

You put a carrot in one, an egg in one, and a coffee bean in one.

When it comes to the carrot, it softens and weakens in the pot of boiling water due to the circumstances.

When it comes to the egg, it hardens in the pot of boiling water.

When it comes to the coffee bean, it transforms into coffee. It changes the water.

This is a life lesson. The pot of boiling water is life’s circumstances. Work, relationships, financial responsibilities. Things can be tough.

But you have a choice:

You can be weakened by your situation, hardened by it or you can transform.

Don’t let your circumstances define you.

Be the coffee bean and shine a light of positivity and transformation.

During this time of the pandemic, I took the time to read this book again and also read his book, “The Change Agent.” I’m not one to get emotional but man, listening to his story and listening to him speak is special.

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