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Fall in Maine - Healthy Living Edition

Fall is coming!

No, fall won’t be the same as past years but the great news is there is plenty to do in Maine!

For me, there is a little bit more time in the schedule with not as much football so what can you do for fun, healthy things this fall?

Here is a list and feel free to respond and add to it:

  1. Go hiking! Maine in the fall is excellent and there are so many great trails. Check out these fall foliage hikes.

  2. Running and/or walking. I mean the humidity will continue to break so it makes running and/or walking outside much more bearable!

  3. Apple picking! You’re outside and apples are great! You got a favorite orchard you go to?

  4. Mazes. I assume the corn mazes are still on and what a fun family activity.

  5. Pumpkin and apple to me define fall in terms of food. Do some cooking with the family. Check these recipes out!

  6. Go to the park and walk, run, play soccer, throw a frisbee. The list goes on!

  7. Yard work. Talk about a workout ;-)

Fall is the best time of year (I love football!) and although this year will be different, it’s all about making the most with what you got!

What’s your favorite fall activity?

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