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Five Healthy Holiday Tips

Thanksgiving is in the rearview but over the next few weeks up until Christmas and the New Year celebrations, you are going to be faced with some challenges. Parties, sweets, drinks, and just a lot going on.

So how do you stay healthy during the holidays?

Here are five tips:

Find time to exercise

Listen, exercise is important especially since no matter what you will be consuming more calories. It’s just a matter of fact. Whether that’s going to the gym before or after work and sticking with your routine, doing the stairs on your lunch break, or just doing a 10-minute workout from the Adam Clark Fitness 10-Minute Workout Bible, it’s important to get some form of exercise in.

Stick to your routine as best as possible

I’m a creature of habit. It’s just the way I am. We all operate better when we have a routine so do your best to stick with it. Sure, you may miss some workouts and be out a little later at night but sticking to your routine as best as possible will go a long way toward keeping off those holiday pounds.

Smaller plates

If you have a big plate, you will most likely fill it up. Grab a smaller plate as that will help prevent you from overdoing it in the calorie department. A bonus would be filling up that small plate with as many healthy options as you can find at the parties.

Be realistic

It’s the holidays and it’s going to be super hard to be strict. Many people are all-or-nothing, which I’d advise against, and if they have one bad meal, they will just say to heck with it and not care as they’ve broken their rule of only eating clean. So, give yourself some leeway. Enjoy a drink or two, have a dessert, eat some of that casserole you’ve been craving. A little bit won’t hurt you so set realistic expectations for yourself.

Don’t feel guilty

This goes hand-in-hand with being realistic. If you have a cookie, piece of cake, a couple of drinks, or some other unhealthy option that will seemingly be within arm’s distance for two months, don’t guilt yourself. After you’ve eaten something, it’s not worth it to beat yourself up. That does you no good.

Happy Holidays!

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