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How to Dominate the Next 30 Days and Beyond

Want to dominate the rest of the summer and beyond?

Of course you do.

Here is a quick little exercise I do monthly to hone in on important objectives:

It’s called the 3 in 30. My Mastermind Coach, Todd Durkin, introduced this to me and I put my own spin on it to fit my life.

There are certain areas of life: work, school, family, health, financial and the list goes on.

What are 3 short-term goals that you can make for different categories?

For me, I narrow it down to 1-3 areas because too much can cause overwhelm.

Here it goes:


  1. Onboard a new trainer.

  2. Finalize awning and sign plans for the studio.

  3. Sign up for leadership training.


  1. Get 30 minutes of physical activity in each day.

  2. Drink juice each morning.

  3. Get 6+ hours of sleep every night.


  1. Save an extra $250 each pay period and put in a separate account for projects.

  2. Cut out subscriptions we aren’t using.

  3. Budget for a new car and start allocations to that account.

Do you have to do 3 goals for each one. No, but writing it down is the first step. Then you just have to do it!

These are actionable items that can be checked off and if done, it will help me gain momentum going into the final part of the year.

What areas are you looking to improve in your life? And in those areas, what goals do you have for the next 30 days and beyond? I look forward to hearing about them!

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