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Important of Weekly Reflection

I was re-reading one of my favorite books the other day, “Atomic Habits” by James Clear.

One passage stood out and it talked about a plane going off course slightly. If the pilot adjusted the course on a Los Angeles to New York by just 3.5 degrees to the south before departure, you wouldn’t realize much at first. However, over the journey, that plane would not land in New York but instead in Washington D.C.

Way off course!

That got me thinking about reflection and as we are a month-and-a-half into the new year, reflection is important.

If you are just blindly going at it and just seeing if something sticks with your goals, it probably isn’t going to work.

To truly succeed, you need to check-in regularly. Are you on the right path? No way to know unless you make it a regular practice.

For me and the ACF staff, we do something called WLAGs.

That is our Wins, Losses, AHA moments and Goals for the week.

This weekly practice not only helps us stay on track but it helps identify wins that we didn’t know existed (you can find a win even during a bad week), losses that help us improve, breakthrough moments where the lightbulb goes off AND goals for the upcoming week.

This practice takes 15-30 minutes for me and helps keep the plane on course.

If you aren’t reflecting, start now!

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