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My book is launching February 28!

Exciting news on the horizon!

I have been working on this project for a couple of years and it is finally coming to fruition!

My book, "A Magical Ride: A Story About Overcoming Adversity" is launching February 28 and will be available on Amazon!

Here is a look at the synopsis and hope to hear your feedback:

Bo Williams Jr. is a young high-schooler and the son of Columbia Senior High School football legend and one of the best players to ever play at the University of South Carolina. The local diner even has a burger named after him.

Forced to walk in his father’s shadow, and always coming up short to his father’s many achievements, Bo wants nothing to do with the pressure and responsibilities he’s facing. He doesn’t even like football.

His parents, now divorced former college sweethearts, are far too busy with their lives and careers to notice. They do little more than blindly push him to succeed, both on the field and in class, threatening punishment if his grades or performance should drop. (Not that they ever remembered to follow through with the threats with how busy they were).

After a long string of rebellions and bad decisions, Bo is suspended for fighting. Again. But this time he finds himself facing a choice: continue down the path he’s on and get kicked out of school permanently and ruin his future, or figure out what he wants from life, outside of the expectations surrounding him.

The only one who seems to care is Bo’s uncle, Jon, a maintenance worker at the theme park, Galaxy World, and the outcast in the Williams’ family. Jon manages to pull some strings with the school’s resource officer to take Bo to live and work with him for a month as a member of the maintenance team at Galaxy World.

His uncle is the only family member Bo is close to, and the only one who has always stood by him. Bo can’t bear to disappoint him, and he is determined to make this work. But the journey won’t be easy.

Over the course of the month, pushed by the challenging work and surrounded by a supportive team of colleagues and soon-to-be-friends, Bo finds himself changing. But nothing changes him more than his uncle’s guidance and influence. After learning about his uncle’s past, and the reason for the rift in their family, Bo is determined to follow in his footsteps to begin his own journey.

With his uncle’s help and guidance, Bo learns many lessons—lessons that will help him find a way to move forward, to overcome adversity and negativity, and learn how to live with the purpose he has chosen, rather than the one others have forced on him.

A Magical Ride: A Story About Overcoming Adversity is a fictional story filled with personal truths and a string of life lessons. Inspirational, positive, and heart-warming, A Magical Ride is a self-help parable perfect for adults and teens of all ages.

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