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Power of Positive Leadership Takeaways and More!

We all have mentors, idols, and role models in our lives.

One of mine is Jon Gordon. He’s a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and positivity expert. If you haven’t read his stuff before, you’re missing out!

Last week, I got to meet him for the first time and attended The Power of Positive Leadership Training in Atlanta.

This all-day workshop should be mandatory for all companies and leaders.

I could write all day about my takeaways but you probably don’t want that so here are my top 3 takeaways and things you can apply in your life and leadership practice.

Everyone is a leader

No matter what your title is or what role you play in a company, everyone is a leader. A leader just isn’t some title. A leader is a role model. A leader is someone who leads through the good times AND the not-so-good times. A leader is someone who helps. A leader is someone who doesn’t believe they are above the team. A leader is someone who accepts responsibility.

A leader isn’t just a title you wear on a name badge. Whether you are a quarterback, a CEO, a front desk worker, or a laborer, a leader is something that is earned and you must constantly work at it.

Communication is everything

Where do most problems arise from? A lack of communication. When there is a void in communication, negativity will fill it.

Most companies struggle when communication isn’t clear or when expectations aren’t set.

The best leaders have an open-door policy where the people that report to them can come and talk and feel appreciated and listened to.

If you just shut your door, don’t take feedback, and always micromanage, your workers, students or athletes won’t buy-in.

Make communication a priority and your organization will thrive.

Positive must outweigh the negative

Ever been in a situation at work where you didn’t feel comfortable talking to your boss? Ever felt like you’re walking on eggshells?

If that is the culture in your organization, it is not healthy and sustainable.

Positivity isn’t just a “made up, rah-rah” thing. That isn’t genuine.

Positivity is something that you must work on constantly like a muscle.

Here are two rules to institute:

  1. Mindless complaining. You will not accept it and let them know that expectation.

  2. Be a Problem Solver! Every organization has problems but flip the switch to thinking more of it as an opportunity. Every problem that someone brings, make sure they come with a solution.

Where can you be a better leader? Recognize it and make it happen by taking one step!

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